Monday, July 12, 2010

My 3 Month Old!

Happenings of the Month:

  • My baby girl is 3 months old today, proving time does fly!
  • She weighs approximately 12.5lbs. I didn't measure her length, but she is still very long.
  • She is wearing newborn dresses, 0-3 month onesies and 3-6 month PJs... the girl has long legs!
  • She can belly laugh, giggle & carrying on a conversation (if you speak coo).
  • She makes copious amounts of slobber.
  • She is fascinated by her hands and feet. Loves to drool all over her hands, but is scared to touch her feet. She just likes watching them.
  • She wiggles, bounces and pumps her arms & legs all the time.
  • Loves her bath time more and more! She is learning to splash.
  • Loves playing with her toys, listening to music and holding her hair.
  • She is sleeping more at night (about 7 hours before first night feeding!) almost 12 hours total each night on average!
  • She is a morning baby.
  • She doesn't like fire crackers and other loud noises, being on her tummy or having her nose sucked out.
  • She is a true Mommy's girl!
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Extended photo shoot= fail! :-/
The way she sticks out her bottom lip when she's upset is a cute little trait she got from me!

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  1. She does love her mommy!!! Can't believe she's already three months old...