Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dear Ellis

Dear Sweet Baby Ellis,

In a few short days you'll be 3 months old. I honestly can't believe how fast this time has flown by. Although there have been many times I have hoped for you to grow, get to the next stage, sleep longer and need me less, I truly treasure our time together. As I put you to sleep tonight, you cried and it broke my heart to think that one day you won't need me to rock you, sing to you and hold you. Tonight I just held you a little longer and watched you sleep, dream in my arms, where you fit perfectly. As much as I appreciate a clean house, finished laundry and a long, hot shower absolutely nothing is more important than spending time holding my sweet baby. I know one day I'll miss the tiny baby clothes, sweet smiles and the hours upon hours each day that you're in my arms. Please don't grow up to fast, I need more time to soak up my baby. And please don't ever stop needing me.

I love you more than you'll ever understand,

Your Mommy

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