Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas Cards

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I've always loved the idea of Christmas cards. Sending and receiving cards from long lost friends and family, seeing how families have changed since the previous year's card. And I love looking at an entire display of Christmas cards... it really makes you feel loved! This will be our first year sending out Christmas Cards. It really is amazing how a baby will change everything! And since I have a huge problem making any kind of decision (especially since this card will be how people remember us for an entire year! no pressure!)
So, please help me decide from the ones below.

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Thanks Shutterfly! What an generous giveaway!

Monday, November 15, 2010

My 7 Month Old!

New things with our 7 month old!
  • She can sit up on her own (with a few balance checks.)
  • She has suddenly turned into the independent, wiggly little girl. Wanting to jump all the time.
  • We've moved on to baby food. So far we've tried: green beans (yuck!), carrots (okay), sweet potatoes (yummy!), squash (yummy!), apples (okay) and bananas (super yummy!). She also likes baby MumMums (little rice cakes) - and will hold them like a big girl, then proceeds to suck it dry until it finally gives up and dissolves!
  • Wears 6 month clothes. 9 month PJs and 3-6 month dresses.
  • Is the happiest, most smiley little girl ever! She seriously finds everything in life funny!
  • And (on an unhappy note) we have our first cold. I really, really, really don't like that my baby doesn't feel good. Or the amount of snot I am constantly wiping off her face!
A few other pictures from the past month:

Happy girl!

Happy girl playing in the leaves!
The one picture without leaves in her mouth!

I love my daddy! What are these things on our faces?
Yep, you look as silly as me!

The amount of pictures I had to take to just get 'the one!'

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Tattoo "helped" me take some pics of Ellis today.
I use the word "help" loosely.
He remembers the day when he was always the focus of my camera (and attention).

I'll be sad when those cute baby cheeks go away!

I still managed to get some cute photos...
please ignore my dirty house and Tattoo in the background!