Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How to Cook Dinner with a 3 Month Old!

First, make sure said 3 month old is well rested, fed and burped with a clean diaper.

Second, add a bouncer, blanket and a playmat with lots of toys!

Third, rotate baby between all sources of entertainment. Often!

Add in lots of cheerful comments in a sing-song voice!
Such as:
"Hi Baby, whatcha doin?
"Are you havin fun?"
"What are you laughing at?"

If you're really good you might even get to eat dinner while it's still warm!

It sure is amazing how much a baby changes your life!
It only took me about 2 1/2 months to figure out how to cook dinner again.

For dinner this particular night:
Chicken & Veggie Stir-fry (with shrimp for Brady)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Mismatched Striped Baby

I first need to explain the outfit.

It all started with the onesie. Then after a bit I thought her legs might be cold so I dug out the baby legs*. Then after she kept rubbing her head on everything (bed, playmat, car seat, bouncer) and her hair started to rub off I added the hat. I then took a look at my beautiful baby and noticed how she was wearing all stripes and they were very mismatched!

So what does any good mommy do?
Start snapping pictures!

Cute baby toes with baby leggings!

Happy Mismatched Striped Baby!

*For all those people out there that don't understand Baby Legs (my hubby and Travis Murray included) and think why not just pants. When you change what feels like 100 diapers a day, its very convenient not to have to take off and put back on pants every time!

And they are pretty stinkin' cute!
Way cuter than just pants!

Monday, July 12, 2010

My 3 Month Old!

Happenings of the Month:

  • My baby girl is 3 months old today, proving time does fly!
  • She weighs approximately 12.5lbs. I didn't measure her length, but she is still very long.
  • She is wearing newborn dresses, 0-3 month onesies and 3-6 month PJs... the girl has long legs!
  • She can belly laugh, giggle & carrying on a conversation (if you speak coo).
  • She makes copious amounts of slobber.
  • She is fascinated by her hands and feet. Loves to drool all over her hands, but is scared to touch her feet. She just likes watching them.
  • She wiggles, bounces and pumps her arms & legs all the time.
  • Loves her bath time more and more! She is learning to splash.
  • Loves playing with her toys, listening to music and holding her hair.
  • She is sleeping more at night (about 7 hours before first night feeding!) almost 12 hours total each night on average!
  • She is a morning baby.
  • She doesn't like fire crackers and other loud noises, being on her tummy or having her nose sucked out.
  • She is a true Mommy's girl!
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Extended photo shoot= fail! :-/
The way she sticks out her bottom lip when she's upset is a cute little trait she got from me!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dear Ellis

Dear Sweet Baby Ellis,

In a few short days you'll be 3 months old. I honestly can't believe how fast this time has flown by. Although there have been many times I have hoped for you to grow, get to the next stage, sleep longer and need me less, I truly treasure our time together. As I put you to sleep tonight, you cried and it broke my heart to think that one day you won't need me to rock you, sing to you and hold you. Tonight I just held you a little longer and watched you sleep, dream in my arms, where you fit perfectly. As much as I appreciate a clean house, finished laundry and a long, hot shower absolutely nothing is more important than spending time holding my sweet baby. I know one day I'll miss the tiny baby clothes, sweet smiles and the hours upon hours each day that you're in my arms. Please don't grow up to fast, I need more time to soak up my baby. And please don't ever stop needing me.

I love you more than you'll ever understand,

Your Mommy
Seriously, this kid loves her some ceiling fan time...

I might be a little worried for her extreme love of ceiling fans if not every other baby did the same thing!