Sunday, May 16, 2010

My 1 Month Old!

People always told me time goes by faster the older you get... they must have been talking about when you have kids. Seriously, the days go by at hyper-warp speed! I can't believe Ellis is already a month old! I feel really sappy and old saying all of this, but I really don't care... she's my baby and she's growing up way too fast!

We had our 1 month well baby. She weighs 8 lbs, 1 oz and is a *long* 21.5 inches. She sure is a long skinny baby coming from two very average sized parents! She had to have her first shot and was extremely upset for about 15 seconds before she fell back asleep. It was probably more traumatic for her parents! She is still nursing great, just a few episodes of spitting up and gas. She sleeps great during the day, not so great at night which is hard on mom but I know it will get better and oddly enough I still enjoy our alone time even if it comes at 3am! I really try to enjoy every moment of her because she is growing up too fast and I know I'll miss even the sleepless nights one day! She loves her daddy so much and he is even more in love with her! Its so cute to see them together! I feel really lucky to have such a wonderful husband, he truly wants to be with her all the time. This is getting long so I'll wrap up with a few pictures of our little 1 month old!!

Napping in her swing.
I think its so cute that her arms fully extended reach just above her head.

This started with tummy time... ended with me taking pictures. Odd.

Every month on her *birth day* I plan on taking her picture with this same set up to show how big she is getting!

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