Monday, July 19, 2010

Mismatched Striped Baby

I first need to explain the outfit.

It all started with the onesie. Then after a bit I thought her legs might be cold so I dug out the baby legs*. Then after she kept rubbing her head on everything (bed, playmat, car seat, bouncer) and her hair started to rub off I added the hat. I then took a look at my beautiful baby and noticed how she was wearing all stripes and they were very mismatched!

So what does any good mommy do?
Start snapping pictures!

Cute baby toes with baby leggings!

Happy Mismatched Striped Baby!

*For all those people out there that don't understand Baby Legs (my hubby and Travis Murray included) and think why not just pants. When you change what feels like 100 diapers a day, its very convenient not to have to take off and put back on pants every time!

And they are pretty stinkin' cute!
Way cuter than just pants!

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