Monday, December 13, 2010

My 8 Month Old!

Alas, another month has passed already!

New happenings in our little world:

  • She can wiggle, roll and slide to get pretty much anything she wants. Which immediately goes in her mouth! No crawling yet, but she might as well.
  • So close to crawling. She can push up on her hands. Just hasn't figured out how to use her legs yet!
  • She gets so much joy out of removing her socks. Immediately after I put them on. Seriously, big money could be made with a product that could get baby socks on!
  • We've moved to Stage 2 baby food. She likes this much better. She actually laughed with the first bite I gave her. Kinda like I'd been holding out. So far she loves all vegetables and only likes bananas in the fruit department. She obviously doesn't get her taste buds from me!
  • Favorite real people food: Mashed Potatoes! She actually cries when we are finished.
  • We are back to waking at night to eat. No fun for Mommy! I got that sweet taste of sleeping through the night and I'm not a fan of waking up now! We are working on it though!
  • She wants something in her hands all the time. Especially if it makes noise!
  • She is constantly wiggling her wrists back and forth like she is revving a motorcycle! She even sometimes makes the sound effects with her mouth!
  • First word: "Mama" (although its more like "MaMaMaMa Ma Ma Ma Maaaa")
  • Loves her Daddy's rock star display of Christmas lights on our house!
  • She has pretty much mastered the pincher grasp with eating, although sometimes said pinched item gets lost on her chin/lap/cheek and never makes it to her mouth.
  • Loves to grab fistfuls of my hair to just pull or even eat. Seriously if you see me with some bald spots, you'll know what happened.
  • This month she had her first Thanksgiving and her first visit with Santa! (I'll post more about each of these later!)
She had so much fun playing in a friend's ball pit! She would just keep getting deeper and deeper until all you could see was her little eyes peeking up through all the balls!

Candy Cane Baby!

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