Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby's First Thanksgiving!

I'm a turkey!

Ellis had a great first Thanksgiving!
It all started by my Mom coming up to stay a few days. We shopped, cooked, ate and got our 'crafting' on! We all ate at Brady's parent's house with some extended family. Lots of yummy food and good fellowship afterwards. Ellis had her Thanksgiving dinner of baby food sweet potatoes and some real people mashed potatoes. She must be a true Mankin (their love of mashed potatoes rivals no other)!

My family of three. Thanksgiving 2010.

Daddy and Ellis!
(note what her shirt says! haha!)

Sweet girl cousins!

Giving some kisses to Cousin Reese!

Here is some proof of how difficult it is to get a photo of all the cousins. And these are just my pictures. Jill (Reese & Gage's mommy) was also taking pictures. Don't ask me what Reese was doing to Ellis's arm. I really wonder what Ellis was thinking all while she was being handle by a 3 year old!
OH well, here is to our first attempt at getting a holiday cousins photo!

Kung-Fu baby!

Where's the mashed potatoes?!?!

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  1. Too cute. Great pic of you three! That turkey-leg headband is cracking me up!