Friday, September 17, 2010

My 5 Month Old!

5 MONTHS Old! Seriously?

New happenings...
  • Sleeps through the night (or at least most of the time) a good 8-9 hours
  • Can roll both directions.
  • Loves to laugh... she is a happy, happy baby!
  • Takes 2 naps a day, one is usually for about 3 hours. Except for the occasional curve-ball of a day when she takes no naps. Like today.
  • Loves to be outside!
  • Grunts. When she's putting herself to sleep, when she's concentrating, when she's unhappy... All. The. Time.
  • She can stick her toes in her mouth and does almost any chance she gets!
  • Still makes copeious amounts of drool, but no sign of any teeth just yet.
  • We haven't started cereal, but she loves to watch us eat.
  • Gives kisses! Talk about melt my heart!

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