Saturday, September 18, 2010

Maguire + Ellis + Bows = Adorable!

Last night we went to a 30th birthday get-together for a dear friend! The night got a little crazy for the men outside... and for the women/babies inside! At 10:30pm when our babies were still awake, we broke out the bows and camera for a little photoshoot! Maguire is a expert bow wearer and knows it! Ellis not so much. Comentary when as follows:

Maguire: "Oh Ellis, You can so pull off a bow!"
Ellis: "Really? I have so much hair. I don't want to look like at 80s workout instructor!"
Maguire: "Let me help you. You wear it like this. Oh, gosh no... Not on your face!"
Maguire: "You paid how much?!?"
Ellis: Crying. Lip out.
Maguire: "Oh honey, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings! It was worth every penny."
Maguire: "SMILE!"
Ellis: ... for about 3.2 seconds.... "Mom, get this bow off my head!"
Ellis: Enjoying post bow hair!

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