Friday, June 11, 2010


I think almost all my friends have a blog... a trend started by April Murray. She also started the fancy camera trend among other things! That April is such a trendy gal!! Anywho, some of our blogging friends have started posting about their favorite things. SO... here I go! You should as well!

1. My Chi... possibly the best invention ever if you aren't one of those girls with perfectly stick straight hair. Its wonderfulness doesn't stop at straightening... it also does curls! It is the only hair styling tool I own, except for my Chi blow dryer (also amazing)! I really don't remember life before the Chi, but it must have been awful!
2. The Wubbanub... A holder for the Soothie pacifier. The weight from the stuffed animal helps keep paci in baby's mouth. It also gives them something cuddly to hold on to. We currently have 3 (all with very special names): Alasandro the Pink Pony, Maurice the Giraffe and Mr. T the Blue Puppy

3. Tummy Soother... Better and cheaper than Gripe Water. We've already went through bottles of this stuff (Ellis is 8 weeks). I found it at Walgreens.

4. Bottle Medicine Dispenser... way easier and faster than giving medicine with a dropper. Got mine at good ol' Walmart!
5. Snow Cones!! Enough said... especially if you know me! I honestly craved them the whole time I was pregnant...I'm sure I was about to drive everyone around me crazy whining about them! After much searching I finally found an acceptable stand in Jenks @ 111th & Elm. If you go, try the Granny Smith Apple, its my fave!

6. I said I was only going to list 5, but I also love my Sleepy Wrap... again April started me on this product (really... what would I do without her... it sounds like I'd have more money!) Ellis rides around in it daily. This picture is my view when she's in the wrap... Isn't she pretty?!?!

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