Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ellis's Room & The Countdown

Ellis's official bedroom will be upstairs, but until we feel comfortable with that she'll be rooming with us. We have a huge master bedroom (odd for a 30 year old house) with the perfect little nook to fit her crib. With her about to make her big entrance we finally got our little rears in gear and finished up her area. Thought I would share a few pictures.

Her nook, featuring bedding my mom made.

Ellis's pony from Daddy!

Artwork from cousin Jennifer!

Artwork from Aunt Jill
(showing Little Ellis with her two favorite puppies)

I went to the doctor on Friday (April 2nd). We didn't get any new pictures. But, we got good news on the delivery front. I've progressed a little further and effaced about 50%. If I don't go into labor on my own, he'll induce me on the 12th. So at the very latest we only have about 8 days! It's very exciting and mostly surreal! Hard to believe I'll be seeing my baby girl so soon!

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