Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And Baby Makes Three!

Brady and I will be parents in a few short weeks (14 weeks to be exact (by exact, I mean if she arrives on her due date)). We are very excited! Thought I should show some of her pictures and I'll update as we get new ones! Her name will be Ellis Averi, although Brady only refers to her as Baby Ellis!

10 weeks

14 weeks - asleep with her arm over her eyes

18 weeks

19 weeks - Its a GIRL!

22 weeks - asleep with her arm over her head

So far at almost 26 weeks everything has been great with my first pregnancy! No morning sickness or anything! I think she'll be shy because she doesn't like to kick for anyone but me. Brady has only felt her move a couple of times. I go back to the doctor next week and I'll update again with new pictures and news! But first, one more picture of our family (all 3 of us)!

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