Thursday, September 24, 2009

There's Remodeling in the Air!

These are a few pics from our house before we started remodeling. The first shows the "rooster" wall paper that was in the kitchen. Second is the living room looking down from the loft. And the third is another view of our living room, mainly showing our fireplace.

Sorry, these photos aren't the best, they were taken with our phone cameras.

Retexturing the popcorn ceiling.

First spray with water, scrap off all the wet, nasty popcorn goo, retexture (with the help of long armed friends and family), and finally repaint!

This shows the incredible mess that retexturing a ceiling makes. Especially when your ceiling is 17 feet high! Luckily we were able to do all of these the weekend before our new flooring was going to be installed.

The half bath before pictures. The first one is before we moved in. The second is where we are now, although we have at least purchased the pedestal sink and new toilet. And under all the brown paper there is new tile.

Sometime I will post our "after" pictures. We are mostly finished with these projects (except for the bathroom), but our house is not yet ready to be photographed due to Christmas decorations being only half picked up.

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