Thursday, June 30, 2011

Around here...

Around our house its always a little crazy.
With a in-to-everything toddler you never know what will happen next.
Like eating a dead june bug and then giving you a look like "Why did you let me do that... that thing tasted awful!"

She is slowly learning the word "NO." Slowly, being the keyword in that sentence. But we are having a lot of fun in the mean time. We've been swimming, playing in the sprinkler, eating lots of Orange Leaf, visiting the dogs approximately 100 times a day, and have eaten even more sidewalk chalk. She had her 2nd visit to the Bixby Green Corn Festival, where she ate some, you guessed it, corn and made the 6 o'clock news! I sense a TV star my daughter will be!

But before all of this, she was really sick with Roseola. Its a short virus characterized by a high fever for 3-4 days followed up by a rash for 3 days. She felt pretty miserable and mommy felt awful for her. She normally looks like this:

But looked like this for about 3 days. No smiles at all. Just a puffy, itchy rash all over her body. Which was made worse with activity or heat, so it was pleasant being trapped inside for 3 days because it was soooo stinkin hot out. But we made it through with lots of ibuprofen, oatmeal baths, snuggles and kisses!

She's all healed up and ready for a long 4th of July weekend with her mommy and daddy. Hopefully the fireworks don't scare her and we can stay cool!!!!

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