Monday, March 14, 2011

My 11 Month Old!

Wow! Another month has flown by...
We're now on the count down to turning ONE!

This month...
  • We have two new teeth, making a grand total of 3. Top middle right and bottom middle left. With her two biggest teeth on on the same side, we look a little uneven and crooked (but of course still adorable!).
  • She started clapping for herself. Its so stinkin cute. Really.
  • She's a true escape artist. We have a bit of a 'baby jail' in our living room and she can pretty much figure a new way out everyday! So fun for mommy and daddy!
(playing with the fireplace cushions she, so very kindly, took off)
  • She loves to help me clean out drawers and fold clothes. And by 'help' I mean not at all. She can open her dresser drawers and then gleefully flings all her clothes out in piles before moving on to the next. Seriously, before I can pick all the clothes back up she has already destroyed another.
  • She's a bit of a dare devil. She loves to swing high, do flips off mom, be thrown HIGH in the air, and climb onto anything she shouldn't. She really has no care for her own personal well being.
  • She had a little cold last week that made her feel pretty crummy. She felt a little better as long as she was cuddle up next to mommy and Lammy.
She loves to lay in her baby ball pit and watch TV. You know, it's a rough life around here!

Organizing the wires behind the TV. If she doesn't do it, no one will!

I'm a little sad (ok... a lot sad) that this is my last monthly post before her big birthday :( I'm not ready to have a one year old! This year has gone by WAY TO FAST!!!

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