Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day!

Well... Blizzard 2011 is among us (or was... depending on when you're reading this).

(notice the super appropriate pjs she's wearing)

With over a foot of snow, the dogs won't even think of going outside (really, I think they've decided to wait until summer). I really don't blame them either!

I'm ready for a vacation to a warm, sunny beach... who's with me!

Well, I guess we can just settle for some cute pictures!

This is the new position Ellis does most of her sleeping in! She will literally just be playing away in her crib and then fall over asleep.

Just a cute picture of her watching her favorite Baby Einstein video, Baby Neptune!

Apparently snow makes me a little domestic. I made baby cereal pancakes for E's breakfast this morning. Get the recipe here. And bonus, the recipe makes a bunch, so you can freeze the rest for quick meals later!

One way to measure the height of a snow drift!

Watching Daddy shovel the driveway!

Hope everyone stays warm and dry!

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