Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baby Ellis had a craving!

So, one of the best things about being pregnant is the cravings! Or better yet having someone little to take the blame for the cravings! I having taken full advantage of this! It makes everything better to say,

"Baby Ellis wants/ You know what sounds good to Baby Ellis... (fill in appropriate craving here)!"

Moving on to my/ her current craving(s). It all started this weekend when we decided we wanted homemade lasagna. So I went to the store, bought the stuff and made lasagna! It was delightful! Then today, a mere day later, we decided we wanted Caesar salad to go with our leftover lasagna! No problem went back to the store. While at the store, I smelled the fried chicken at the deli. So, of course we got some of that as well! Then....and I repeat, then she decided,

"Oh, cake sounds soooo good Mom!"

"What kind of cake?" I ask.

"Strawberry Cake!" she answers! And for some reason I couldn't have agreed more!

So, we bought the ingredients and came home to bake! Now I should preface the following pictures of "our" cake by saying a baker I am not! Nor a clean one! It honestly looked like the baking aisle exploded in my kitchen when we finished! But, despite the mess it turned out great!

So for dinner tonight we will be having lasagna, Caesar salad, fried chicken and strawberry cake!

Like I said, "Baby Ellis had a craving!" (or like 4!)

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